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Betting on Table Tennis at JuiceBet

Ping-Pong, aka table tennis, is a dynamic and fast game, but it is in the shadow of big tennis. And despite the fact that the game is known to everyone, not many people risk to make table tennis online betting. But those who bet with BC on ping pong note that the first thing that attracts them is the regularity of the competition and the dynamism of the matches. Another peculiarity is that the matches last 30-60 minutes, which allows you to quickly get the winnings. It is important to be concentrated and to react to the events that unfold quite quickly.

How does Table Tennis betting work

Betting on ping pong has seen a surge in popularity thanks to its fast-paced nature and diverse betting options. With a variety of markets and competitive odds, JuiceBet stands out as a top choice for those looking to wager on table tennis matches. Bettors have plenty of options to choose from when placing their bets at JuiceBet. There are various types of bets that can be placed in a game, including predicting the outcome of the match, guessing the final score, determining the number of sets played, and wagering on specific occurrences during the game, like the total points scored in a single set.

For successful sports betting in table tennis, it is important to understand the rules of the game and analyze the form of the players. It is also useful to consider the athletes’ ranking and their past results in similar tournaments. JuiceBet allows betting on table tennis betting bitcoin, which adds convenience and security for those who prefer to use cryptocurrency. This makes JuiceBet an attractive site for modern bettors.

Table tennis betting strategy involves analyzing statistics, following the current form of players and understanding the peculiarities of their game. It is also worth taking into account the psychological state of the athletes and their previous meetings with current opponents. Best table tennis betting sites, such as JuiceBet, provide detailed analytics and up-to-date news to help you make more informed bets. When choosing a table tennis betting site, pay attention to the variety of markets offered and the availability of analytical tools.

To make online table tennis betting, you need to choose a bookmaker and do the following:

  • Find in the bookmaker’s line a section dedicated to table tennis.
  • Click on it and study the list of tournaments available for betting.
  • Choose a suitable one and click on it.
  • The list of matches will open.
  • Select the event of interest.
  • Define the outcome and click on the odds.
  • Specify the amount of the bet and click on “Bet”.

Understanding Table Tennis betting odds

Table Tennis betting odds reflect the probability of the outcome of a particular match through numerical expressions. It is crucial to understand these odds for profitable betting. The odds are displayed in decimal, fractional or American format. Leading table tennis betting platforms such as JuiceBet constantly update the odds in real-time to reflect fluctuations in the game and the state of the players.

Understanding decimal odds such as 2.50 indicates that a win will result in a payout of 2.50 units for each unit of bet. The payout potential increases as the odds increase, which also suggests a lower probability of the event occurring. Choosing the right bets in betting on table tennis involves an accurate interpretation of these numbers.

On best table tennis betting site odds are not limited to predicting the winner of a match. Players can also bet on factors such as sets played or the exact score. Analyzing these odds allows players to identify profitable bets and create a successful betting strategy. Knowing how to interpret the odds allows players to make intelligent choices and increase their chances of winning.

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Popular Table Tennis bets 

Despite the fact that almost every bookmaker offers bettors to bet on ping pong, the list of bets on this discipline is not very wide. In most cases, the types of bets are standard. Let’s take a closer look. 

Betting on the outcome (1-2)

This game excludes a draw. You can bet only on the victory of one of the athletes (team). Betting on the outcome is a classic variant of betting on table tennis. Most often, bets on the outcome are displayed by the numbers 1 and 2 or P1/P2. Some BCs offer to bet on the outcome of an individual game. 

Betting on forfeits

Betting on forfeits in table tennis are common. In this discipline, they are divided into three subspecies:

  • Hinds on points scored.
  • Phora on games. 
  • Forehand in a certain set.

This type of bets can be made before the match, but most bettors prefer live. The behavior of athletes can be easily predicted: they may not play the end in full force, if they understand in advance that they lost it. In this case, the pass of betting on a handicap with good table tennis betting odds is high.

Betting on totals

Another classic type of betting, where, as in the case with the forfeits, there are three modifications:

  • Total of games.
  • The total total of points scored.
  • Bet on individual total (points won).
  • Total on a specific number of points in a particular game.

Here, too, it is important to determine the number of games or sets that are declared in the tournament. In BC often table tennis sports betting on individual totals are neighboring with bets on the overall total, but the step of the bet on IT is smaller than on the overall total.

Additional types of bets

Not all table tennis betting sites offer a wide range of bets. Additional bets are usually related to the final results:

  • Betting on even/odd sets played.
  • Betting on the exact number of games/sets played.
  • Betting on who will win the first set and who will win the first match.
  • Exact score by set.
  • Bet on the score after the first two games.
  • Bet on who will be the first to score 5 or 7 points.

Table Tennis betting tips & strategies

Table tennis live betting is the most logical way to bet. During the game there may be favorable offers with good odds. In order to beat the bookmaker, it is necessary not only to know the pre-match odds and the balance of power of athletes. It is important to think over a competent strategy and act according to a clearly conceived plan.

Betting on the victory in the set of an inferior tennis player

If according to the pre-match odds one of the athletes won the first two sets, it makes sense to bet on the opponent’s victory in the third set. Be sure to calculate the bet so that in case of a loss you can increase the amount of the bet for the fourth set, so that at the end of the whole game to stay in the plus, catching up with the victory in one of the sets. By the way, in matches of 7 games in a meeting of equal opponents, one of them wins 4:0. Take this data into consideration. 

Betting on the losing favorite

Table tennis betting tips involves live betting. Here it is important to follow the fight, because the outsider can suddenly take the lead. The favorite will use his skill and fight for every point. Wait until the favorite concedes 3-4 points and bet on his victory with a plus handicap in the game. It is better to bet at the beginning of the set, as at the end the favorite simply may not have time to win back. Quotes: from 1.3-1.4 increase to 1.7-1.8.

Strategy for total and handicap

Do table tennis betting on total and fora in live betting can only be done when the course of the game there is a maximum deviation from the pre-match layout. If two equal opponents meet at the table and one of them has organized a significant gap, it is more likely that it will be reduced rather than increased. This can be taken into account.

In a game where there is a clear favorite and the first set was played on the total more, then, most likely, in the second set the favorite will win more confidently and the proposed BC set total will not be broken. In this case, the bet on the total less will be played.

Table tennis is a very specific sport for betting. However, the high tempo of the game and the rapid change of events make it very attractive for betting. If you like to make table tennis betting apps, this sport is for you.

Betting on Table Tennis at JuiceBet 2

Table Tennis FAQs

How to bet on table tennis live and win?

For successful live table tennis betting you need to have a good basic knowledge of the game discipline and the participants of the tournament. It is also necessary to follow the game closely to understand the scenario of its development. Analyzing the course of the game is the key to accurate predictions for table tennis live.

What is the strategy of betting on table tennis with minimal risk?

The peculiarity of the strategy is that you need to bet on the losing favorite for high odds. Here it is important to assess the motivation of a strong player, understand the reasons for his lag in the score and correctly calculate the possibilities to win.

What is a passing bet in table tennis?

A passing bet in table tennis is a bet that is calculated with a win and brings profit.