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Volleyball Betting review at JuiceBet

Bookmaker companies offer betting on dozens of sports – individual and team, popular and unfamiliar. A special niche in betting is volleyball – not the most dynamic sport, but interesting for a large number of observers. Over time, bettors began to develop strategies for volleyball, popularizing volleyball betting, and bookmakers have made the choice of events in the list of events wider and more attractive. In this article we will talk about what volleyball betting is, what types of bets there are in the line and playlist, as well as highlight the best BC to play this sport and consider effective betting strategies.

How to Bet on Volleyball – Step-by-Step Guide

To start betting on volleyball at JuiceBet, follow our step-by-step guide. Let’s find out how to create an account, fund your account, choose a betting market and place your first bet.

Create an Account

The first step for volleyball betting is to create an account at best volleyball betting sites JuiceBet. Visit the main page and click on the “Register” button. Fill in all the required fields with personal details such as name, email address and date of birth. For the security of your account, ensure you create a secure password. After filling out the form, simply press the Register button. Verification of your account may be necessary through a link sent to your email.

Deposit and Claim the Welcome Bonus

Once your account is set up, the next thing to do is make a deposit. Head over to the Deposit or Cashier area on the website. Pick a deposit option that works best for you, such as a credit card, e-wallet, or bank transfer. Input the desired deposit amount and verify the transaction. Best online volleyball betting sites, including JuiceBet, offer a welcome bonus for new players. 

Choose Your Golf Betting Market

After funding your account, proceed to choosing your volleyball betting market. JuiceBet offers a variety of betting options including betting on the winner of the match, exact score, number of sets and individual player performance. Choose the match and betting market you are interested in. Consider volleyball betting odds to make the most informed choice. Volleyball betting apps also allow you to bet in real time, which adds to the dynamics and excitement.

Add to Bet Slip and Place Bet

After selecting your volleyball betting market, add a bet to your coupon. Enter the amount you want to bet and check the potential winnings displayed on the screen. Make sure all the details are correct and click on the “Bet” button. Your bet will be confirmed and you can follow the developments through volleyball betting odds. Real-time volleyball betting gives you the opportunity to adjust your bets depending on the progress of the game, which can significantly increase your chances of winning.

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Types of Volleyball Bets

Volleyball betting is gaining traction among sports bettors because of its fast-paced nature and the diverse range of bets it offers. JuiceBet provides an extensive selection of volleyball betting opportunities, with live betting also being an option. Let’s explore the primary types of volleyball wagers offered by JuiceBet in more detail.

Outright Winner

The outright winner bet is one of the most popular and simple types of volleyball bets. Here you are betting that a certain team will win the match. This type of bet is suitable for beginners and experienced bettors, as it requires minimal analysis and quick decisions. A straight win is especially interesting in matches with clear favorites and underdogs. Volleyball betting sites such as JuiceBet offer competitive odds on this type of betting, making it attractive to most players.

Place Bets

Place betting involves predicting a team’s position at the end of a tournament or competition. For example, you can bet that a team will take first, second or third place in the championship. This type of betting requires a deeper analysis of teams and their capabilities. It is especially interesting in the long term, when volleyball betting covers the whole season or tournament. Live volleyball betting can also influence the odds, allowing you to adjust your predictions as the tournament progresses.

Each Way Bets

Each way bets are a combination of two bets: win and place. If a team wins, you get a payout on both bets, but if a team places within the specified range, the payout will only be on the second part of the bet. This type of bet is popular among those who want to hedge their risks by making more informed volleyball bets. The odds on each method of betting are usually slightly lower, but they offer a higher chance of winning.

To Make the Cut

After selecting the bet type and analyzing the odds, you just need to add the bet to your coupon and confirm it. At JuiceBet, the process of placing a bet is as simple as possible: select the match, the bet type and enter the amount you want to bet. Make sure you have entered all the data correctly and click on the “Bet” button. 

Real-time volleyball betting allows you to follow the game and adjust your bets depending on the developments on the court. This makes live volleyball betting especially exciting and interactive.

Volleyball betting sites like JuiceBet provide all the tools and information you need for successful betting. Use analytics, best volleyball betting odds and strategies to increase your chances of winning and enjoy the excitement of the game.

How to Bet on Volleyball – Live Betting

Live volleyball betting provides a unique opportunity for players to experience the excitement and dynamics of the game in real time. This type of betting allows you to make predictions and bets as the match progresses, reacting to the changes and events taking place on the court. Before you start betting on volleyball in real time, it is important to do some preliminary analysis. Familiarize yourself with the current form of the teams, their statistics, player injuries and other key factors. The best volleyball betting sites, such as JuiceBet, provide detailed analytics and up-to-date data.

Log in to your JuiceBet account and select the live volleyball betting section. Here you will find a list of current and upcoming matches. JuiceBet offers a wide range of markets including betting on the winner of the set, total score, individual player scores and more. One of the advantages of live betting at JuiceBet is the ability to make crypto betting volleyball.

Live volleyball betting requires a quick reaction to changes in the match. It is important to follow the game and take into account such factors as player substitutions, timeouts, tactical changes. Live betting odds are constantly updated depending on the development of the game. After selecting the type of bet and analyzing the current situation in the match, add the bet to your coupon. Enter the bet amount and confirm it. JuiceBet makes live volleyball betting quick and easy.

Pros and Cons of Volleyball Betting

Volleyball betting has its advantages and disadvantages. The former include:

  • A large selection of matches.
  • Constant access to pre-match and live games.
  • Availability of effective strategies.
  • A wide list of games.

Availability of statistical services that allow you to make a more accurate prediction.

There are few disadvantages in volleyball betting. They include low odds on events in almost all bookmaker companies and insufficient popularity of bookmakers to provide live broadcasts. But, thanks to modern technology, the broadcasts can be found on third-party sites and the odds are increasing in live play, allowing you to wait for the best betting conditions.

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Volleyball Betting Strategy

No strategy is guaranteed to bring guaranteed profits. However, by following a strategy, you increase your chances of success. Consider volleyball betting tips for the game.

Mazharov Betting

Mazharov’s strategy involves volleyball live betting. It is necessary to bet on the total of less points in the game with the score 23:23. In this case it is recommended to take TM 48.5. The essence is a high probability that one of the teams will score 2 points in a row and win the set. In case of a loss you should bet TM 50.5, then TM 52.5, etc. Odds will be from 2.0, so you need to increase the bet in 2 times.

The score 3:0 will not be

This strategy is better suited for women’s volleyball. Despite the fact that the favorites win here more often than in the case of men’s volleyball, they often face difficulties against underdogs. In this case you should bet on the underdog +2.5 or set total more than 3.5.

By sets against the favorite

The principle is similar to the previous one, but here you need to consistently bet on the victory of the underdog in the net. In case of a loss, the bet is repeated for the next set, etc. Choose actions with odds from 4.0. However, here there is a risk of falling into a series of dry victories of favorites, which can lead to serious losses.

Total with catch-up

Statistics show that 90% of matches in women’s volleyball score less than 45 points at least in one set. The essence of the strategy consists in betting on TM 45.5 with catch-up in live.

The principle is similar to the previous strategy, but instead of winning the underdog you bet set by set on TM 45.5, and so repeat until you win. If there was a loss, then repeat in the next match.

The formula for calculating the bet amount is as follows:

  • Bet amount = (amount of the first bet + amount of losses) / (odds – 1).

The risks are the same as in the strategy on sets against the leader. There is a chance to get into a prolonged series of failures.


Betting volleyball is becoming increasingly popular among sports betting enthusiasts. JuiceBet offers a wide range of markets and competitive volleyball betting odds, making the betting process exciting and potentially lucrative. Some players are successfully making profits from betting on this sport. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that with some strategies there is no need to learn the lineups and current form of the teams (although it is better still to do it). Volleyball betting bitcoin provide additional security and anonymity, as well as fast transactions.
Betting on volleyball matches is good for its multiplicity – every day there are dozens of fights in this sport, which allows players to choose the best matches and make accurate predictions on them. Odds are not always pleasing to players, but with the use of the best bookmaker services and competent work in the live mode bettors can level this disadvantage. If you use the above strategies and correctly analyze the matches, then players will be able to come to a plus stable. JuiceBet also offers favorable volleyball betting promotions, which include welcome bonuses, cashbacks and special offers for major tournaments.